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Purchasing my for Golf next week!

Current owner of a Corsa C 2003 1.0l and a member of the Corsa c uk forum. I always enjoyed doing small mods to my car like changing headlight bulbs to blue ones, installing smoked side repeaters, black tailights and a sportex back box. (Also installed a sub)

I'm buying a used 2010 Golf MK6 1.6 TDI next week and wondering what sort of easy mods I can do to it? I've looked at reversing the boot pistons and latch so that it fully opens when pressing the button. (This is apposed to spending £70 on new high pressure Pistons) I know this rubs the paint or something but I'll look into it. Any other small mods to do?

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Lots of US users on here from what I can tell so far, but I'm originally from England too now living out here. Where are you from?

Skip the smoked tails as the OEMs are decent enough looking, and invest in some springs or coils for lows.