Question about some replicas ..


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These wheels weigh 22lbs and come with the center caps so I'm actually considering them . My question is what do I need to be worried about ? I'm assuming even halfway decent wheels won't break from daily driving. I drive hard around the roads and would like to tack occasionally . With the weight difference from stock detroits ill probably notice some performance improvements ??


rep wheels arent performance wheels.

reps are reps of reps.

they are cosmetic. you will be fine. avoid huge pot holes, like you should normally. tires make up the performance aspect with rep wheels.

if you want performance 16 lbs or less is what you would be looking at not 22.


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The legit BBS CHs are 22.1 lbs, so the weight penalty of the real wheels vs. replicas isn't an argument.

However, the quality of the aluminum used and the casting process is drastically different. Like vancity said, avoid potholes.


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Unless you're getting then for little less to nothing, buy the real ones.

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If you're gonna buy reps get VMR. At least they have good customer service and are decent as far as reps go.