Rear lights leaking?


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Hiya, I've got a leak coming from the area under my passenger side rear light. It doesn't go into the spare wheel well it runs down and wets the rear passenger seat.

So far I've siliconed around the flap behind the bumper, siliconed most of the joins and replaced the little hose behind the rear badge/camera.

It happens when it rains and still leaks if I don't drive the car for weeks.

Any help appreciated
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Only way to go about water ingress is to check out each seal where water could enter. It sounds so much worse than it is really.

Rear hatch? That leaves top antenna gasket on the roof, rear hatch weather-stripping, all 4 tail lights, and maybe the wheel-wells. Very rarely is rain entering through window seals, but worth checking if one got nicked when getting tints done or something.

I'd say if you can't see where the water is entering you should try to get a hose on the car and work slowly to keep an eye on things and feel around. Maybe even pull some interior panels.

Totally worth the effort to make sure your carpet doesn't get moldy or anything. Should have some Damp-Rid or some sort of moisture absorbing thing at a minimum until then.


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Thanks so much. I’ve been experimenting!
Theres no rhyme or reason to it...I took my rear seat out and all the boot trim and put paper down everywhere. Left it in for more than a week. The paper stays dry.

I dry my rear seat inside the house for a week and then put it back in the car and put a towel in the bare boot behind the seat. Check on it a couple of days later and the seat is wet again, it feels kind of grimey. The towel and boot is dry. The boot factory sticker (with engine codes etc on) has rubbed off with water and is slightly damp so water IS getting to it.

Would a VW garage likely know the cause? I’m losing my patience with it.


Autocross Newbie sounds like someone is peeing on your is the seat getting wet but nothing around it is collecting?

Did you try as suggested and specifically use a hose to water down the car and search for leaks instead of just letting it sit for a week?


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I think there's a ghost of a pissy child in there!

But yeah, I've hosed the car and checked afterwards. I've sat in the boot and had someone hose the car 😅 can't find anything!

The door seal is a bit crap, there's water on the sill but not sure how it'd get up on the seat?