Rebuilt Top End After Timing Chain failure, Now Have Strange Noises....


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Hi All.

I was recently given a 2011 GTI because the timing chain jumped, etc.etc.

I pulled the engine and had the head reworked, new exhaust valves, timing chain set from ECS, gaskets etc. also replaced the dual mass manual clutch and disc.

Got everything back together and it fired up and ran smooth. I now have (literally) less than 50 miles on it and it has developed some type of rattle off idle at about 1500-2000rpms. It sounds like marbles in a tin can and is unaffected by being in gear or out, neutral, clutch in or out. and so on.

Its located towards the top of the engine near the engine/trans joint. I thought it might be the HpFp follower but it appears normal....i've ordered a new one just to be sure....

Any ideas short of disassembling stuff?