Refresh kits worth it

So I have a 2012 gti and It has 70k miles on it we are going to upgrade the coil overs,with that said do you think it’s a good idea for a suspension refresh kit?


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Suspension refresh kit could mean anything from just 'new upper strut mounts' to control arm bushings, endlinks etc please be more specific.
This one


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Nah, that is way overkill.

I just replaced my stock suspension with coils at 85k miles and the only thing I 'refreshed' was new heavy duty upper strut mounts, and the only reason I got those was because I knew I was going to remove the old suspension with an impact gun, and because I didnt want to bother compressing the old springs and removing the old mounts.

The kit you posted is cool and all but realistically you wont need to change most of that stuff out until 120k+ mi.

Depending on the coil over kit you get you may need to reuse or purchase new bump stops.

Depending on how low you want to go, you may need new, adjustable endlinks.


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^ yep, depends how you drove it for those 120k+ miles too... how smooth were the roads/corners, etc etc.


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I pieced together my own "refresh kit" along with rebuilt coils and it felt like a new car. But like some are saying... I had over 130k miles when I did this.


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I wouldn’t buy that unless one of the control arms already on the car is damaged.

Definitely replace the upper strut mounts and throw a new bearing in there and absolutely replace the rear position control arm bushing. Also have a really close look at the tie rod ends and ball joints, but if if the boots aren’t cracked or leaking grease and they feel tight there’s no reason to replace them.

^ that with fresh struts will really transform the car, but if you want to take it one step further the rear trailing arm bushings go to crap about as fast as the front (rear position) control arm bushings. Poly bushings for that spot aren’t expensive and because there’s no rotational friction against the bushing (inner metal sleeve) there’s no extra noise.


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Depends how your car drives. But usually yes they are worth every penny.