Resonator questions: APR Catted Downpipe + Vibrant 17950


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I'm having drone issues with APR catted DP and vibrant 17950. I've read GTI threads about how the 17950 is some magic solution, this is not the case for my 2013 R in 2500-3500ish rpm. My old TSI MKV GTI was catless DP to stock resonator with muffler delete and I loved it. No drone issues, tame when you wanted it to be and nuts at WOT, the perfect sound for me.

For my APR 2+ MK6 R: I love the growl, pops and overall volume but the highway drone when going up a slight grade is too much. My setup is straight through 3" from resonator to tips. I assume a muffler is in order, just don't want to lose too much of the intensity during the rest of the revs. Or maybe there's a better resonator set up for our cars? Also considering the ECS cutout as a compromise if a muffler is too much suppression for my taste, thoughts on ECS cutout welcomed. Really would just like to have the unicorn setup of bearable on highway (take calls etc.) but aggressive at WOT like my old MKV.

Anyone got a 17950 set up that's good or something better DIY (not off the shelf CBE $$$) on catted DP MK6 R?