Review: deautokey interior LED kit for golf 2.5


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First off I want to say deautokey was superb to deal with. He answered all my questions quick and prompt. Communication is key with me and I felt that they stand up to my standards for a business. We built a kit minus the footwell lights because the golf does not have them. Even adjusted the price accordingly.

With all that aside what I got was exactly what I expected. I saw the leds already in chris112 thread so I knew what I was getting myself into but these really blew my mind when I got to see them in person. They are very nice! They have heat sinks in some of them, which I thought was pretty cool looking. Haha.

I have some pics but I'll have to upload them later as I'm not near my computer and even so, they look just like the other reviewed thread.

I have a video too. They fade in and out just like he said. Love it!

I highly recommend deautokey! I will purchase from him again. My girlfriend has a 13 Jetta and she might be wanting this kit now. :)

Update: sorry this took so long. Pics of some before and afters.

Visor lights

Front dome before

Front dome after

Front dome and rear dome

Hatch light

Very pleased with the light output. Every time I get in the car at night it just amazes me how nice everything looks in the bright light.
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No idea why the video isn't working. But you can do a search to see them on YouTube. My user name is black94tsi on there.


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Do the footwell lights have to be red or blur or can they just be white?


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Update for pics and a working video.

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