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Hi Everyone-

I'm relatively new to the GTI world, and this is my first "mod" done so I thought I would give a quick review. I recently purchased an interior LED kit from deautokey found here and received it today (2 days after ordering).

First let me begin by stating that the service and response from has been awesome. Any questions I've had, have been answered in minutes not hours/days. And while I haven't had to use their return policy/warranty, my interaction with them leads me to believe they will stand behind it no questions asked. I don't mind paying for quality, especially knowing the company stands behind their product. And just to clear it up, no I am not paid or associated with deautokey (I don't even know his/her name :iono:). I purchased these LED's for the full price on the site and have had a good experience to date, I just like to give props where they are due. I have been a member of many forums and have learned a lot along the way, so I like to contribute and help out the specialized vendors where I can.

Now onto the product :thumbup: . The kit comes with all your needed interior LED lights:
  1. Front dome
  2. Front visors
  3. Footwells (selection of colors, I went with white)
  4. Rear dome
  5. glovebox
  6. trunk

The install is your standard LED install, I followed the steps found here.
The lights are a very nice white and make a world of difference in the car. They are exactly what I was hoping for and expecting. Enough of me yapping though, on to the pictures! :attention_whore:

New LED's in from the outside:

Before/After front seat:

Before/After backseat:

Before/After trunk:

I've just had them installed for a couple of hours now, so I can't speak to their longevity, but I'll be sure to update the thread occasionally. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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looks like we got our dubs the same time.. ironically it is my first dub too and that was also my first mod


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Looks good
Are your windows tinted?
I wanna get LED interior as well but I'm not tinted&not planning to and am afraid if it would show inside toooo well by bright lights.
My buddy has LEDs and it is DAMN bright


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f my life. should of bought the kit if i knew about it

instead of running around trying to figure out which size light bulb fits and which ones to buy and how bright and all that bullshit. and I had to pay more too and if you mess up you have to pay for return shipping..


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Wow again, thanks for this review.

All sets sold out, but we have more coming in, and we will be offering different style footwells, more details to come, stayed tune.

Thanks again!

When will they be in? Before Christmas? And red footwells? :D


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Good review. I think I'm sold.


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90% of the bulbs are w5w bulbs.. You can save yourself some money and order like 10 of them from eBay instead of paying for pointless kits.. Mine work better than most kits anyway!

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90% of the bulbs are w5w bulbs.. You can save yourself some money and order like 10 of them from eBay instead of paying for pointless kits.. Mine work better than most kits anyway!

Does your kit:
Have a warranty / Peace of mind that you are buying with confidence.
"Fades out" when you lock your car.
Hyper white instead of blue tint?

Many on eBay are so cheaply made that you will end up spending more replacing them.

Most are also coming from China too, made in bulk and have serious errors with them, that is why they sell them so cheaply.

I am also a sponsor supporting a forum you like to post on. I am not saying don't buy from eBay but I feel like I should at least defend my product and look at both sides.

Thank you


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deAutoKey is good people! I have had great purchasing experience with him :thumbsup:


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I am thinking about ordering a set...but on the bottom of the page it said "coming soon". Are these on backorder or something??