Review: DeAutoKey StickerBombed Emblems

This is my review for the Stickerbomb Emblem Inserts by DeAutokey. :thumbsup:

In this review, Rear Badge Emblem Inserts, Steering Wheel insert, Wheel Cap emblem inserts.
Overall, the product is very easy to work with and looks great!

Installation: Easy peel off and Stick, you can still work with it if you put it on lightly and need to move around, the adhesive isn't cheap, and the vinyl can be adjusted to your liking.

Quality: Very nice finish, smooth feeling, and isn't thin. Adhesive is strong, no issues in the rain.

Fitment: Covers the entire Area you are putting on, Steering wheel/ wheel caps- 5/5 fitment.

Overal Servicel: Buy with Confidence, Customer support is great, and quick Shipping.

If you are looking for those extra VAG Scene points, better slap on some stickerbombs, Yo!


Steering Wheel Badge:

(Paired up with DSG CF Paddles, which can Also be Bought at DeAutoKey)

Rear Emblem:

Wheel Cap Inserts:

Sorry for the Rainy photos, that's Vancouver for you.

-Cheers, V2C. :thumbup:


Go Kart Champion
i hate the silver strip that goes through the whole mid part of the dash and on the doors. i wish it was black.


Go Kart Champion
Car looks clean man. I'm pretty jealous of how nice your car sits. Very tastefully modded. :thumbsup: