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Review: Integrated Engineering VW MK6 GTI Stage 2 Tune / Dyno


Ready to race!
My Review

Integrated Engineering VW MK6 GTI Performance Tune (2010-2014)
Price: $499.99
Part number: IE MK6 GTI IE Stage 2
Additional Product: IE POWERlink Direct port flash tool
Price: $149.99

I was looking for a tune that better complemented my car’s current mods. I also wanted to get a tune that offered a matching DSG tune. Why mess with two different companies on the same car.
• One IE POWERlink direct port flash tool (only needed if you do not already have their ECU flash)
• Access to the Tune through their Flash software (free to download once you have the POWERlink)

The install is easy. This matches my experience with their DSG tune. Like most I have been through several tunes and the setup is the same. Make sure you take the time to get everything downloaded. Plug the POWERlink cable into your vehicle’s OBD-II port, and the USB port on your laptop. This gives you access to the IE Flash Wizard software. The flash software walks you through the installation steps.

Also if you know someone with a POWERlink you only have to buy the tune and you can use your friend’s cable to flash your car. Each POWERlink can be used on five different vehicles.
DATALOGING – Yes you can use the POWERlink to data log. This is a big deal because there are tuning companies that have spent years and not figured this out.

During the install a red screen will flash telling you to shut off the ignition. Normal part of IE flash, so don’t be alarmed.

Overview of the IE ECU tune:
• Easily and quickly tune your car at home
• Retain factory reliability
• Upgrade tunes at any time with no fees (unlike some tuners)
• Easy octane switching
• Simple data logging (big deal because other tuners have not figured this out)
• You can return to stock anytime
• Improved throttle response
• Increased rev limiter
• Remove top speed limiter

I have the benefit of running four different companies’ OTS tunes, too include a custom tune. So I know what a good tune is and what a crap tune is. Every company has a different idea of what the “ideal” tune is and this shows when we you start to push the envelope of what the stock turbo can do.

On the IE tune the car had a very clean power delivery. The car drove strong but I could not get a good feel for where my peak HP was. With every other tune I could dial in the peak and when a good time to shift would be. Oddly this felt more linear in the way it pulled off the start, and to the higher RPM’s. Almost more like an NA car. So at first I thought it must be down on power, because the easiest way to make a turbo car feel NA is to limit the low end boost so you have a smooth pull through the whole RPM range. I took the car to a track day (HPDE) and I was able to shave a full second off my time. I had the DSG tune as well so I could not say at that time it was solely the ECU. So on to the Dyno to see how the curves for HP and TQ look.

AWD Mustang Dyno

So before today’s dyno I thought it was normal for the MK6, on the stock turbo, to run out of oomph. I have run my car more 10-12 times on the dyno and every power curve would start to die after 4800rpms. Even my custom tune would die up top.

We strapped the GTI down and started the setup runs of the day on the IE tune. This was to see how this tune puts the power to the wheels. We ran the car up to temperature to make sure the car would not have any issues during the run. Also this was to make sure the straps were properly set and no other issues with how the car sat on the dyno.

Go time! As the first power run finished up I anxiously peaked over to see the results. Initially I thought the scaling was wrong….seriously I asked Keith (Owner AWD Tuning) if there something wrong with the way the graph was setup today? This tune pulled all the way to redline! On the stock turbo. I really did not think I could get decent power above 4800 unless I went K04. My other tunes barely made 210hp at 6200. The IE laid down 257 at 6200! Run after run the power was within 2 HP and 3 TQ of each other. The last run we gave the car a cool down of about 30 minutes and still showed the exact same results. The lowest of the three pulls being 255 HP and 297 TQ. The highest for the day was 263 HP and 302 TQ (highest HP my car has ever put down). That run is not on the graph because I wanted to represent the best average across the runs and not the one off.

Everyone gets wrapped around the axles over peak numbers, but when you are actually racing your car, you have to look at the usable power band and shift points. A tune that dies up top mean you have to shift earlier to get the most out of the car. If your car only has a small spot of high HP then you only have a brief moment of pull before having to shift. The earlier you have to shift translates to a reduction in the usable RPM’s. Now being able to make 250+ from 5500 all the way to redline is a huge gain when racing! Power out of a corner, over take on a straight, this tune out performs every other tune I have used.

Highly recommend. Solid tune and a great company. I would like to thank the guys over at IE because I have bugged the hell out of them over these past few months. Every email, every questions was answer that day or first thing the next. I gained over 40hp in the high RPM’s over my other stage 2 tunes and for that reason this tune is staying on the car.

Onto the pics!!
Video will be posted soon!




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Go Kart Champion
Awesome results! I haven’t had a chance to strap mine down on the dyno yet but it’s great to see those results from just the stage 2 tune. I’ve always noticed on the road when doing pulls that the car just seems to pull all the way to redline and doesn’t seem to run out of breath! Very cool to see this on the graph to only confirm the butt dyno. I’ve been IE stage 2 for almost a year with their DSG tune and I must say I don’t have any desire to try anything else as I’m very happy with the tune. Anyone who wants to switch might want to wait for Black Friday as they might run another special for their tunes. That’s when I jumped on their tune as it was very justifiable to make the switch then and save a huge chunk of money switching. Now I want to see what their K04 is like!

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New member
Would the cooling had been better if they would have put the fan down in front of the bumper instead of angling it down. Doesn't look like the front is getting direct flow.


Ready to race!
Would the cooling had been better if they would have put the fan down in front of the bumper instead of angling it down. Doesn't look like the front is getting direct flow.
Yeah probably. The Dyno fan is set up that way so they can dyno both VWs and Subaru's. Where most Subbies have top mount intercoolers the fan is point to blow for either car. FMIC / TMIC



Ready to race!
We are looking into doing some E30 dyno runs here in the next few months to see how the IE tune reacts to some Ethanol.


Go Kart Champion
We are looking into doing some E30 dyno runs here in the next few months to see how the IE tune reacts to some Ethanol.

This sounds amazing. Would be cool to see an E30 map come out. MORE POWAAAA!

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Ready to race!
Update: Did some more dyno runs with the SPM street exhaust vs the CTS and were able to pick up some good gains across the band. 264hp 306tq. I attribute this to the rear section not being a OEM style (CTS) and the SPM being a even split before the mufflers.


Ready to race!
As we move into summer here in TX I am going to start data logging how the tune reacts to a E30 blend and then throw it back on the dyno.