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RNS 510 sw4366 and updated Navteq Maps?


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Hey guys, thanks to an awesome forum member who goes by the name "Calkulin" I'll have the latest v12 maps uploaded and provided by the end of the week. Drop a PM if you're interested. My PM box has been cleared down a bit finally.


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Maps are uploaded and I'm currently responding to PMs. I have been sharing maps/firmware since V9 I believe. I do not have my Jetta w/ RNS-510 anymore (I've moved on to the MQB GTI) but have continued to help the community as much as possible. Please feel free to drop a small donation for my continued efforts. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Also, can any of you guys who have downloaded the latest maps from me return here and post how the install went. Since I can't actually use them with my current car anymore. MIB2 rocks by the way!
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Ready to race!
I've had quite a few people reach out for the new maps which is awesome! I'm glad I can continue helping you guys. I'll probably go dark on this thread for awhile. Thanks for the donations to the people who did. I haven't really been getting much (many thanks though which is great!) so I may make this my last year and probably tail off to another endeavor.

I've had a few people who want to donate via Cryptocurrency because they do not use PayPal. This is fine, I'll post my BTC (Bitcoin) and BCH (Bitcoin Cash) wallet addresses below. Thanks again guys!

BTC: 3Q9z9EYYtcsuzMsACCxh4DPNbybbaG3Xa7

BCH: qrr7mhfnlmyvu604esa8g8vmlg5a8sjyjg7z3nfx4y