RNS-510 Video In Motion via firmware change 5 min job and free.

Early 2010 GTI owner here.

Tried this using a CD (burned at 4x - lowest setting available), went through the whole process on the RNS-510, got the "everything turned out ok" message, but for whatever reason it didn't work.

Tried it again using a DVD (burned at 6x, again the lowest setting available), got the same message, but now it works!

Loving it - hands down one of the coolest mods/upgrades available for this car, and it was free :p


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Has anyone in Europe got this working? When I hold down the setup button I only get to AM/FM, but not the secret menu (tried for a long time).

i am from Germany, my car is 3 days old....ill try it and it works.
You have to push the three buttons together on the RNS510 -Eject-Star-System
And then the screen is black, insert the CD, the procedure begins.
It take only 2min all together.

Ill try it witout pushing the three buttons and it works NOT in my car.



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hi every body, me i tried to hold the three button but nothing happen (eject ,Star, Setup).
in addition for the secret menu i pressed and hold the setup button to see the menu like to see the version of the my RNS 510 but nothing i had only 2 menu the second one was for the station Radio FM and AM and it stopped.
can any one help me for that
and for the VIM.iso i burn it on CD as iso i don't know if there is a special burning for that or a way ??
thank you for your help in advance.


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Ugh now I'm totally missing my 510. I thought about pulling it out of my Tiguan and swapping with the 315 before finalizing the trade but decided to just leave it. So jealous that you guys can finally play dvds while driving!


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completed successfully per OP - but i followed alternative option (not the 3 finger salute) . Opened car - did not put key in ignition, started RNS510 - inserted disk...........held my breath for about 2 mins while all sorts of screens flashed up.

Eventually a white screen comes up and shows a whole bunch of file names and I can choose "yes" or "no" - choose yes and held my breath a bit more...........then the head unit said SWL successful and ejected the disc....RNS510 restarted and was fine - threw in a DVD immediately.......tada.......magic has happened.

Great post.........I was originally looking at the rewiring option months ago.......thankfully I avoided that.


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Error message

When I try to do this, it at first appears to be working; the system will reboot after inserting the cd. But then after after a minute or so I get a message of "CD/DVD error. Check CD/DVD."

Any suggestions?

Thank you!