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Road Trip! Just moved to California


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Four days and almost 2,400 miles on the road. We took a more scenic, northerly route: Texas > Oklahoma > Kansas > Colorado > Wyoming > Nevada > California

GTI ran like a champ, no issues at all aside from having to add a little oil at one point. Killed about 7 million bugs, though. The roll-on paint protection film really paid off (see below). Averaged 31.0 MPG as I calculated, MFI claimed an average of 32.3, reading high by 4.5%.

Luckily she didn't get any chips or scratches or other damage. Our other car (Murano) did get a little ding on the front which sucks because it's new and we've had it less than a year, but oh well.

Here's a few highlights from the trip:

Temporary paint protection

Looking good in Fort Worth

Completely packed. Surprising how much you can fit in these little cars... hatchback power!

Bonneville Salt Flats. This place was so surreal.


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Love road trips! Haven't gone on enough in the GTI yet, just one. I'm also from Fort Worth.


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Oh man I'm going to get that roll on paint protector the next time I drive to FLA from Toronto. Looks sick!

Congrats on the drive and move! How's the smoke from the fires? Affecting your area?


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Killed about 7 million bugs, though. The roll-on paint protection film really paid off (see below).

Wow....I really LIKE that roll on stuff, but never heard of it before. Go figure, and as many road trips as I do, oh man.

Good to know. My front end has got lots of paint chips from rocks, unfortunately, but it would sure help with the bugs. Good to know, thanks!


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Thanks for the replies y'all!

"...Where in California did you move to?"
North of Sacramento. I need to find 1) VAGCOM around here, and 2) a good exhaust shop to do my resonator delete.

"How's the smoke from the fires? Affecting your area?"
Luckily we weren't affected by the power outages, and no major fires have been near us. On a couple of days smoke did blow through.

"Grats! Also do your research on Calis strict smog laws haha...."
We're still registered in Texas, and since I'm active duty we should be able to keep it that way. Miss me with that smog shit ;)
BTW, I'm hoping that gives me a "pass" with my tint. I can't believe Cali only allows 70% on the front windows, that's basically nothing!

"How does the roll on protector come off? Do you peel it off like plasti-dip?"
The reply said it- you wet it and peel it off. I think it's basically just tougher Elmers glue, it even smells like it.

"So what happens if you drive thru rain?"
It will soften and can come off if the intensity and/or duration is great enough. We hit some heavy showers on the first day, and on our other car the section on the front edge of the hood was flapping in the wind, so we just peeled it off. Light rain isn't much of a problem, though. If you let it dry it'll re-set again.