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Roll call for Those with R8 Coilpacks: Reliability Feedback Wanted


  • Since purchasing them, I’ve had zero failures.

    Votes: 295 95.5%
  • I’ve had 1 or more failures confirmed as the coilpacks and nothing else. Please explain in post.

    Votes: 14 4.5%

  • Total voters


Go Kart Champion
Since a few have debated this, I'd like to get real world feedback from those running actual R8 coilpacks (those sold from HS Tuning, or at your dealer, etc) and if you've had any issues with them at all. I can't recall, but the R8 version red ones may be the same as the Touareg ones as well.

I had blown a stock pack with my K04 setup. Ever since going to R8 coilpacks, I've had no issues. While some may say they are purchased "because they are red", I keep my engine cover on and really don't give a shit what color they are, I care about them getting the job done and not leaving me stranded on the side of the road or limping off the race track like my stock one did.

I won't differentiate between stock cars and modded cars, because honestly, the stock units can blow on any car, modded or not. This is simply to gauge the effectiveness of this "upgrade". Only respond if you have in fact purchased them. Thank you.


Ready to race!
Replaced coilpacks with 06E905115E @ 51.7k miles, sitting at 67.5k miles now with no related issues


Go Kart Champion
Replaced when I went k04 45k miles or so ago.

I've been running the same packs through the whole f23t testing. I'm guessing I've put 80 or so Dyno runs on these packs and who knows how many street logs. They are running great. I even have an extra set at the house just in case but these have been flawless for me.


Go Kart Champion
Had the R8 coilpacks on for a few thousand miles and still ok. Previously had two coilpack failures and one suspect one before going with the R8's.

Also worth mentioning that I'm using Iridium sparkplugs changed at the same time as the coilpacks.


Go Kart Champion
Mine have been on since x-mas eve when I blew a stock one on the way home from work. No issues so far.


Go Kart Champion
Changed out to the R8 coils in December as a safety measure for my F23T install.
The OEM ones that came with the car never failed, just wanted a peace of mind.


Ready to race!
Seeing that "ppl buy these cause they are red" argument gets under my skin too. If these blew as often as the stockers they wouldn't be as popular as they are.

I've got 10k miles on mine at stage 2 with no problems.

MKV Turbo15

23psi and fast as fuck!
Stock coils were fine for me. Tuned since day 1, just hit 60K and replaced everything.

Red Coils with new NGK Iridium plugs put in 150 miles ago. Sitting at 60,150 now and love them.Throttle response is definitely noticeable.
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Ive never had any problems with the normal coilpacks and my car is heavily modified and has over 120k miles.
I have yet to try the redtop r8 coilpacks though.


Passed Driver's Ed
Does anybody know how these compare to the latest revision coils for the GTI? I have the revision "F" coils, and they were a different design from the stock ones that failed on my car. Are they the same thing as the R8 coils?


Ready to race!
About 3 years ago I replaced the OEM 06H 905 115 coil packs as part of my efforts to figure out why I was having misfires with my k04 installation. It turned out that I had bogus valve springs.

Anyway, I've been running the 06H 905 115As for about 3 years without any problems. Notice there is a difference between the two part numbers. I don't know if the A's are better. I just know they have not failed on me in the past 3 years.



Go Kart Champion
My stock coil packs blew within 24 hours of going Stage 1. Dropped in the R8's and haven't had an issue since.


Go Kart Champion
What actually fails on the stock coilpacks? Does anybody know what the failure mode is?


Go Kart Champion
Probably the transistor. It's what acts as the switch between the ecu trigger signal, 12v, and the coil itself. It's attached to the engine, and heat doesn't go well with electronics


Ready to race!
Swapped to R8 coils and NGK BKR7EIX plugs about 15K miles ago with no issues while I was Stage 2.

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