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Roll call for Those with R8 Coilpacks: Reliability Feedback Wanted


  • Since purchasing them, I’ve had zero failures.

    Votes: 296 95.5%
  • I’ve had 1 or more failures confirmed as the coilpacks and nothing else. Please explain in post.

    Votes: 14 4.5%

  • Total voters


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My coilpack experience seems to be an anomaly but I'm not complaining...Tuned stage 1 at 65k and stayed on stock coil packs to 109k when I upgraded to Genuine R8 coil packs (06E905115F). Never had a coil pack fail. Now I'm K04 and at 127k. I keep one of the stock black ones below the hatch floor just in case.


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Oh really? Unless the original ones were completely dead, I am highly doubting that. But if you believe this to be true, then great for you!

I've had the stock OEM packs blow one at a time over the course of 30k miles of being tuned. I.e. - I didn't replace them with the genuine red ones until they blew. When the 3rd OEM blew about 4 months ago, I just decided to install all of the red ones and keep one black one as a spare.

What I'm saying is, while your fake red ones work now, we will not know when they will blow. And seriously, even if they do, they are so easy to change that maybe it was monetarily worth it.

p.s. - when my stock OEM ones blew and I would limp/creep to a parking area and change them in like 5 minutes. The key is to have Mechanix gloves in the trunk so the hot packs won't burn you.
increased throttle respomnse was probably due to the new plugs


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What's your guys opinion of the various knock-off red-top "R8" coils that are sold on amazon?

I had inadvertently purchased a set of 4 that were made by the company "AA Ignition" (IIRC), that I installed around at 60K. I almost sent them back, but the build quality was surprisingly good, so I said "screw it" and decided to install them, along with new NGK's.

I just hit 100K miles and they've been excellent for the past 40K. I noticed improved throttle response when I changed them, and I haven't had any misfires to speak of. I'm sure they're not as good as the OEM Bosch R8s, but I've had success with them.

Anyone else use those?
I picked up the same ones.
Honestly didnt even notice they were non-OEM at the time.
Havent had any problems with them yet tho.