Ronnie_B's Daily Driver / Wannabe Track-day Warrior Build


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I've had the car for a few years now but just now getting around to putting a thread together. Like the title says, it's my daily driver that I frequently track, and so every mod for me needs to be well though-out. Like most of you, my car is my everything vehicle; so hauling around the kiddos, pulling a utility trailer, 20 mile work commutes, and 20 minute track sessions. :)

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Street Wheels / Track Wheels

Modifications as of 12/2019:

Engine Modifications:

APR Stage 2 v2.4 93 Tune
APR Cast Downpipe
AWE Catback
Unitronic Intercooler
Carbonio Stage 1 Intake
R8 Coil Packs
iAbed Rear Main Seal

Drivetrain Modifications:
Peloquin Limited Slip Differential
DIY RSR Clutch Kit
Diesel Geek Sigma 6 Shifter
034 Street Density Engine / Trans Mounts
Neuspeed Dogbone Insert
Otis Inc LA black zinc coated lug bolts
225/45/17 Nitto NT01s on 17x8.5 Motegi MR133 Wheels (Track)
225/45/17 Michelin A/S 3+ on 17x7.5 OZ Omnia Wheels (Street)

Suspension / Chassis Modifications:
DG Manual Springs
Koni Yellow Sport Dampers
Superpro Roll Center adjustable ball joints
H&R 26mm Front / 24mm Rear Sway bars (on the low setting)
Superpro front and rear adjustable sway bar end links
Superpro Anti-Lift Kit
ECS Subframe Collar Kit
Tyrolsport Hatch Brace

Stoptech/Centric High Carbon Blank Rotors
Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake lines
G-LOC GS-1 Compound Pads (Street)
G-LOC R12/R8 Compound Pads (Track)
Tyrolsport Caliper Bushing Kit
Removed dust shields
Audi RS3 Brake Cooling ducts
Motul RBF600 Fluid

Depo R LED Taillights
ECS Smoked Side Marker Lights
Weathertech window deflectors (for rainy track days)
Gloss Black front and fear VW emblems
MK7 Performance Pack red GTI front and rear emblems

Interior / Diagnostics:
NewSouth Performance Boost Gauge & Vent Pod
NewSouth Performance Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Sport-Comp Digital Oil Temp Gauge
Holley Pedestal Gauge mounts on steering column
Rennline Heel/Toe Extensions
OBDLink MX Bluetooth Adapter
Harry's Lap Timer Grand Prix v21.2 (Android)
Tackform Headrest Mount for GoPro
GoPro Hero Camera

Future Mods:
Mocal Oil Cooler, camber plates, aluminum waterpump (if anyone makes one for the CBFA engine), more seat time :D.

Thanks for looking! [emoji106]

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I finally got around to walnut blasting last month. I have 67k miles and had been experiencing random misfires. The job took me about 10hrs, but I took my time and also replaced a few coolant hoses while I had the IM off. I did end up pulling the throttle body, but installed it on the IM before reinstall.

I went with a walnut blaster from Harbor Freight, connected to a BMW blaster wand with a modified shopvac attachment. Worked like a charm.

Side note: my 13MY GTI has the updated intake manifold with the revised runner flap stops.

Before and After



New injector seals, and the cheap Ebay-special tool I used.

Blast wand setup I used.

Good time to change the oil after doing this job.


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Here are some pictures from the RSR clutch, iAbed RMS, and Peloquin LSD install. Euro Pro's in Yorktown, VA installed the LSD, I just brought them the transmission.

Love this setup!

New DMF, TDI disc, and TTRS pressure plate installed

Also, I installed the SuperPro ALK while I was under the car. Can't say enough about the quality of these mounts.

H&R 24mm rear swaybar install.
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Here are a few videos from the last track event of the season last year at the VIR Grand Course. I'm not yet solo'd on the Grand Course, so I had an instructor this event. The first video I was following a friend in his big turbo mk5 GTI.

These were pre-LSD install, and I'll be going back in April to do the Full Course.
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Cool build man, glad to see a string of track minded GTI owners popping up on here.

Could you refer me to what hidden hitch part # you used? I've been looking for something similar and couldn't find anything that told me would fit. 4 spare wheels/tires, coolers, tent, etc, fill up the hatch quite quickly lol!


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Could you refer me to what hidden hitch part # you used? I've been looking for something similar and couldn't find anything that told me would fit. 4 spare wheels/tires, coolers, tent, etc, fill up the hatch quite quickly lol!
This is the one I'm running: Hidden Hitch 60330

I agree that the car fills up fast, and having a utility trailer or hitch-mount cargo carrier can be a huge help.

NICE upgrades! how you liking the LSD, daily driving and on the track?
Thanks! I can't say enough how much the LSD changed the dynamics of the car, both on the street and track. It's my favorite modification by far. Before the LSD, the car wasn't very confidence inspiring in the corners because it would just push/understeer. Now, I can help use the throttle to steer the car toward the apex rather than just hoping the car doesn't push through. The other huge difference is accelerating out of corner when the inside tire used to just spin, now that power is put down by both wheels. It's an amazing feeling and eliminates the disadvantage of FWD. I've heard some people say that they didn't notice a difference on the street with an LSD. I'm definitely not one of those people, because I notice it every sweeping turn and off ramp I encounter. :laugh:


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I don't do many appearance mods, but since I was going for a mk6 "Performance Package" setup, I thought the mk7 emblems would be fitting. :D



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Installed a Rennline Throttle Pedal Cover and Heel/Toe Extension last week. Credit to
jay745 for the heads up on the company. After driving around for a week or so, it absolutely improves the pedal spacing to make throttle blips easier. :thumbsup:

Also, prepping for upcoming trackday season, recently installed new Centric high carbon blank rotors and Stoptech 309 pads on the front. The old pad had a noticeable crack in the pad material, which didn't give me a warm and fuzzy. Granted the pads have been in use for the past 2 seasons. **Edit** These pads have been replaced by G-LOC R8 pads due to them not being suitable for extended track use

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Finally went Stage 2 today. :happyanim:

Installed the dp over the weekend, and got flashed today.



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Here are some pics of the ECS Subframe collar and H&R 26mm Front swaybar install. The subframe collar kit eliminated the clunk noise I felt going over inclines and overall completely tightened up the chassis. Car feels so much better. I will say that the instructions that came with the ECS kit are top notch. It also came with all the stretch bolts I needed. For as much shit as we may give ECS Tuning, they definitely hit the mark with this kit.

* Just a disclaimer, this job was an absolute pain in the ass, especially aligning the subframe/control arm to chassis bolt holes. Glad it's over with. :laugh: *

You can see exactly where the subframe was shifting on the driver side.

Same side with collar and Audi bolt now installed.

The way I kept track of all the different subframe bolts.

Subframe and new swaybar installed.

In other news, I'm changing up brake pads for track days. These are the R8 compound, I'll let you guys know some feedback on them soon.
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