Rude Jr's Mk6 GTI

Rude Jr

Drummer for Subject 16
2012 Mk6 GTI
United Grey / Manual / 4 Doors

CTS bov
R8 coil packs
Unitronic intake
NGK spark plugs
2.5" custom catback
Stratified Stage 2 tune
CTS 3" race downpipe
Unitronic DV relocation kit
Neuspeed Hi-Flo Discharge Pipe

Shortened shifter shaft
OSIR black suede shift boot
Raceseng slammer shift knob
Diesel Geek Sigma6 short shifter
Integrated Engineering solid shifter bracket
Integrated Engineering machined bracket bushings

EBC slotted rotors
EBC Redstuff pads
18x8 Momo Revenge wheels

Depo Golf R LED taillights
Deautokey LED full interior
Deautokey LED fog light kit
Deautokey LED red footwell
Deautokey LED license plate
Sylvania Silverstar Ultra low beams

Black washer cap
Black coolant cap
GTI seat lift inserts
30% tint all around
USP Rear wiper delete
P4E Black side markers
Eurobadgez German flag
Nylon braided boost lines
Rear GTI badge removed
Gloss black rear VW Emblem
Yellow Lamin-X fog light film
Color matched emblem backing

Monster mats
VAGCOM things
Newsouth Redline vent boost gauge
US Millworks front license plate bracket

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Rude Jr

Drummer for Subject 16

Here are some pics of the car, and a close up of the wheels w/ gross wheelgap. It came with the tint and wheels.
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Very nice very nice indeed

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Rude Jr

Drummer for Subject 16
Before and after. The decal from Klii doesn't quite match, so I plan to get some paint from automotivetouchup. They're awesome. Also, the VW isn't as glossy as I'd hoped.

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Rude Jr

Drummer for Subject 16
Installed a DieselGeek short shifter, with the help of Geryon86.

Top row is 3rd/N/4th before.
Bottom row is 3rd/N/4th after.

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lol rude jr is a funny ass name. great wheels too

Rude Jr

Drummer for Subject 16
Custom 2.5" catback. Magnaflow muffler. Gives it a nice little purr. Not too loud.

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