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Rust round rear lights


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Doing my first proper detailing today (not really the weather for it!), and noticed I have rust on both sides round the rear lights, right in the corners, same place on both sides. Is this something others have encountered? Mines a 09 plate
Assume there is a guide somewhere on removing the light?! I've got some touch up paint on the way already!

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Do a search on youtube on how to retrofit LED tail lights. It will show how those come out. they aren't too very difficult. Once you have them out you'll want to clean the rust out as best you can & then use a product that kills & stabilizes the rust. If you just go over with touch up paint that rust will reappear.

Something like this will work although I have not used it.


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Thanks, I'll take a look, probably a job for a few months time (when the paint dries a bit quicker)

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does't VWOA have a perforation rust warranty that should cover that? Dunno what the mileage needs to be under


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I had a whole bunch of paint flaking on the edges at that area, but no rust. I feel like it's from the taillight touching the paint.