Seat Belt causing a airbag light


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I have a 2010 mk6 gti. I recently replaced my seat belt due to my regular one was very messed up and ripped. I got the replacement belt from a junkyard and pulled it from another gti. I was wondering if there is a way to reset the airbag so it no longer causes a light on the dash. Anything will help.


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As long as the unit in the seatbelt is not damaged or defective (side note, generally a BAD idea to buy used safety equipment. You have no idea the life that belt had and you won't find out until you have to use it) then as mentioned you will need to use VCDS to most likely access the module and code the replacement belt. Never done it and only thing I can find quickly is a Ross-tech page for the MK7.


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Ahh i see, I know some airbag modules have a manual reset feature on the unit, I will look into coding it. Do you think this can be done using a Carly adapter?