Should I buy an R32?


Ready to race! of my coworkers has a UG R32 with just 45k miles on it and recently put it up for sale asking $20k. He's in his 50's, original owner, and the car is a garage queen. I jokingly told him that I'll buy it but it's overpriced so he said I can have it for $17k. I've been out of the MkV game since I sold my 2007 GTI back in 2012. I've been doing some browsing around and it looks like the majority are high mileage examples and/or ragged to death. Would it be a worthwhile purchase, is it priced too high, are they unreliable at that age?

This would be purely a weekend car as my daily (V60 Polestar) won't be sold. My head says no but my heart screams yes.



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My heart would scream yes too, especially if it's just for a weekend toy. Those are amazingly cool cars. I almost got one before setting on the MK6 R because my plans were for a dedicated track car and I thought ripping a R32 apart for a cage would hurt too much. Not like the 6Rs aren't rare too, but the R32s are just special with that VR6.

Ask him if he'll let you do a 48 hour test drive one weekend, see how you feel then. ;)


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From the way you describe it, even briefly... heart says yes and head will say "why the fuck did you not do it" in a couple weeks when it'll be sold to someone else.

Do it.


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I say no just because I don't like the vr6 engine. I drove a 12v for 6 years and I'd never do it again.


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I'm not so sure the MKV will appreciate like the MKIV's have been doing but if you want it I say do it.
Having said that, I still think the price is a bit high at $17k. Even with the lower miles. But not too far off...
Like you said, I know most of these go for under $15k...usually even closer to $10k but they are higher mileage.


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just do it.....if you decide after it's not you... offer to sell it back or just sell it.

BUT do it!!


I had one from new for awhile and sold it because I got royally annoyed at the dealer (stupid reason to sell. It was a great car and I'm kicking myself for having sold it. It was UG too.

From a quick review of VWVortex, it doesn't look like these have any significant issues if properly maintained and no beaten on or heavily modded.

Price is very high, but it really does depend on condition. Here is what edmunds says:

That said, depending on condition - and after a clean bill of health from a trusted mechanic who spent an hour or so going over the car - I'd say that ~$10k wouldn't be out of line
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Edmunds needs to share the crack pipe if they are telling people a 45k mile 1-owner R32 is worth $6500.

However, none of the "book" values really mean anything when you're not dealing with a mass produced fairly recent car since they are often not at normal dealers who all compete off the book values. Book values are only ever accurate when the people selling the cars (like dealers) are looking at books for their guidence. Edmunds didn't go out and run a comparison search and catalog mileage and regions for available units. lol

For instance looking at CarGurus which is real cars for sale not random book values built by banks there is one MKV R32 for $' has 127k miles on it and "needs some TLC"............and is noted by them as $3400 below what they see as reasonable.

Forget book prices and look at other real cars you could buy, as just as ultimately a car is worth what someone is willing to pay for to the price is set by the market of supply as well. Don't you people play EVE? LMAO

Step 1 is decide if you want an R32, then shop accordingly. If you can buy a 109k mile model for $12k, figure out what maintenance and repairs on that higher mileage will cost you and if you want to deal with them at all. Then you can determine if the lower miles and well cared for history is worth the extra cost to you. You also can't discount that since it's a co-worker it's unlikely they would be willing to screw you over hiding known issues like some rando might.


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A one owner adult owned garage queen with low miles under market value? I see these holding. seems logical for both head and heart.

Sorry I was thinking previous Gen... let's just say 'around' market value. DSG is a bummer for me too, but some prefer it. 🤷
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