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Smoked a C6 Corvette Convertible


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Oh man it was glorious. Made a left turn with a Corvette right behind me on a long back road with a single lane. I took off and got the jump, he was trying to catch up and hang but he couldent catch me. I started braking due to a car in front of me and I was at 4,000 rpms in sixth gear. Cant remember how fast but I enjoyed seeing him get stuck at the red light way behind me.

Its all about the Micheline summer rubber and nuespeed rims yo!



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...and probably didn't care

You pulling away from a car, that you're already in front of, isn't really a race btw


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Oh he cared, I think I was in 4rd gear shifting into 5th and he got maybe up to a car length behind me. After that he dropped off, was hilarious. No it was not a side by side race but we were both playing around. Cmon guys it was fun either way! ill take what I can get while im out delivering food for grubhub haha!


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Also he was revving his engine at the light behind me so... yeah... part of the reason I just took off fast as I could.


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Well, typically when I do dumb shit like this and only have one lane I will (if I can) get close enough to the guy in front of me I will. Just to let him know i would pass if we were side by side. I had a guy in a GTI almost run his car up my ass, gave me a bit to take off down the highway and he came out of the back 40


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I'm imagining there's some unsuspecting C6 driver that was on a casual cruise wondering why a VW hatchback just randomly started racing by himself down a one-lane road. :laugh:

Seriously though, C6 Corvettes - even LS2 era ones are capable of mid-12s bone stock. Once they hit the LS3, they were capable of low 12s/high 11s. Granted this is all straight line stuff, so there's not a whole lot of driving skill required to mash the gas and they would easily beat our cars. On a road course though, driving skill can level the playing field a little. I have a good friend with a Z-51 LS3 C6 and we are pretty evenly matched in the turns...he will leave me in the straights though.