Snoman's cw build


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hey guys finally getting off my a$$ and starting a build thread probably gonna go a little slow being a self supporting poor college kid lol... anyway here is the car bought it in april 2011

Current mods

OEM CarGo trunk mat
OEM Monster floor mats
OEM aluminum glove box handle
OEM euro switch
OEM euro cup holder
OEM dash cubby
Brushed GTI seat inserts
Bold sport interior LED's

OEM Votex front lip
OEM cherry red euro tails
Color matched side markers from John@FTC5
R Dash license plate LED's
ECS blue tinted blind spot mirrors

Airlift xl fronts
Ss5 rears
V2 management
5 gal skinny
400c compressor

Under the hood
REVO stage 1 tune
Carbonio Stage 1 intake
Painted engine cover
Wiper fluid filler neck delete
OEM black coolant cap
3" Downpipe

Vagcom Tweaks
disable DRL's
disable horn when locking
windows up/down via remote
gauge sweep

Next Mods
body work

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first mod was a set of ksport coilovers really like them for the price with the dampening adjustability. have them set about 10 spots from the softest and everyone compliments me on the ride quality



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gti seat inserts. crooked in this pick but i went back and readjusted them, in this pick i used 3m tape, but i went back and redid it with super glue


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Nice man! I'm in the same boat, self supporting poor college kid haha. I've had my car for just under a year, but i've added quite a bit since then. I'll make a build thread myself, but only when I'm completely satisfied with my GTI. Hmmmm that might be never though because i'm always wanting to mod my car lol. Anyways nice whip my dude.


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nice dude. also a self supporting college kid haha. im a little behind u though. all i have is tint and smoked side markers =/ stage 1 is next in line come spring