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So how many from the UK are still here?


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London-based Ed35 DSG here, had it from 1000 miles (dealer demo), now on about 38,000. Time for a second set of new tyres. It has been a really good car, we had to replace the amplifier at pretty painful expense, and the aircon compressor which wasn't quite so bad. Not bad for 7 years of pretty great service - just one battery, fuel and servicing otherwise. Cheers!
Me! Total Mk6 newbie here having upgraded from a standard TDI mk4 to an ever so shiny 2.0 TDI BLUEMOTION MK6 just days ago.

It’s day 4 and I’ve noticed the tiniest but still massively inconvenient oil leak under the engine when parked for a coupe of hours, can someone point me in the right direction of a thread that may help?

Thanks in advance!

(Watch this space, I have big plans for the Mk6 now that I own a decent enough car to be proud of and warrant working on..!)