SOLD : 2012 APR Stage 2 GTI Mid Michigan


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Located in Mid Michigan. 143,xxx miles. Asking $11,000. Clean, green MI title in hand.

I am selling my APR Stage 2 tuned GTI, 6 speed manual. I do have some of the service records from the previous owners, as well as a CarFax from the owner I purchased it from.

Key Maintenance that was done prior to my ownership: - Timing was done at 96,000 miles - High Pressure Fuel pump replaced at 108,000 miles

After I purchased it, I took it to Steve's European Auto in Waterford, one of the APR dealers in the state. They updated the APR software as well as: - 4 wheel alignment - Repaired a broken wire to the MAP sensor - Flushed the brake system - Replaced the serpentine belt

Then I got a code for the intake runners, at which time it went back to Steve's on 3-3-22 and they: - Replaced the intake manifold and carbon cleaned the valves - Installed new water pump, thermostat and drive belt - Serviced the transmission

I replaced the plugs and coils when I purchased it. Replaced the PCV valve and hoses. New tires went on this spring. Brakes were all replaced with PowerStop parts. The head unit is CarPlay/Android Auto ready. And likely something else I am missing.

The car is, as best as I can see, rust free. It was purchased and spent most of its life in CA with a stint in NY. Except for the area above the windshield. See the picture.

Now for the bad.... The headliner needs attention. Its all present, but the adhesive has failed over the rear passenger seats. The sway bar links need to be replaced, I'll have that done prior to sale. The air filter needs to be replaced. The rear hatch latch just failed on me, the new latch should be here Saturday and will be fully functional again. I have 2 fobs, but one has the key portion broken off. I have the key, and the fob. It does appear to use about 1/2 quart of oil between changes. The wheels are showing their age. Some rash, some clear coat coming off.

Car is smooth, no vibrations or weird noises. Its a flipping blast to drive. I'm told it has a South Bend stage 2 clutch in it, but I can not confirm. The guys at Steve's did say its not the stock clutch. No slipping, no grinding.

If you want to test drive, bring cash. No joy rides but you will be grinning from ear to ear. Selling "AS-IS", but I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. Miles may go up....



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sending you a PM.

where in Michigan? and an airport close by? I would be flying in with a cashier's check and ready to buy if the car checks out.


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Price drop to $10,000 obo.

Plate and insurance pulled today, miles will not go up. Its around 143,400 at the moment.


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For reference... I still have the plate and insurance is only a phone call away.

I parked it because I'm driving a different car and don't need to pay insurance on something that isn't being driven.

Car is for sale locally as well.



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I also have a set of used 1 season General Altimax Artic tires on 16" steel wheels that will go with the car.
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