Sold GTI. Help me pick next car.


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A3 2.0T Quattro with DSG/S-Tronic?


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ah, we've got a handful by me, from $29K-$32K, 2010 and up.


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Go drive the new Kia that has a commercial with Motely Crüe in it.

I'm thinking it is worth a look.


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There are a lot of cars you can get for $27.5k and under. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the cars you have mentioned except for the passat because the other cars are a lot more sporty. I really like the a4 and g37, they both look great stock and even better with suspension and wheels. I would go for the a4 on coils, rotiforms, tune and BOOM! So sick.


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Kia Optima, Hyundai Genesis Sedan, or Sonata. All great cars. Even the new Camry is really nice now.


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^^^^ Hell I kind of wish I got the A3 over the GTI. Feel like a young punk driving the GTI.

haha, yep.. sometimes i feel the same way, especially with the DSG A3 2.0T quattro....


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I'm trying to stay under $30k.....actually trying to stay closer to $27.5k. That's just where I want to be

How about an AP1 S2000 for weekends and the track (easily $10,000) + a Honda Insight for weekday commuting practical car ($20,000 new or $15,000 used)

If you're interested in a CC, I have a 2010 CC Lux Limited in mint condition with only 18,000 ish miles that I might want to sell :)


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Try the 3.6 4Motion CC. They seem to drive pretty comfortably.

I have a 3.6 4Motion CC as a second car. I don't drive it a lot, but I love it. Exhaust note and engine growl put the GTI to shame. Good power. You can get good highway mpg if you set the cruise and stay off the gas (28-29). Mixed I can get close to 25. If you like the go pedal it can get thirsty. The seats are crazy comfortable. The ride is great. My only real complaint is that the steering is pretty numb/light and doesn't have much feel, but that's pretty much it.


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I'd go G37X. I realize that all the VW guys also always like Audi and then BMW, but IMHO, the G37 is the most bang for the buck on the market, and I personally think it's a got looking car. If I were buying a new $40K car, I would buy a G37S 6MT. Ricer? Whatev. It's a bad ass car.

Here's your first and last stop for "tuneable"

And like Plac said earlier, if you hate it, back to the Germans.


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Not sure if anyone said anything about this but what about a used imola yellow rs4?