SOLD: IE POWERlink ECU Flash Cable


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Update: Item has sold

Brand new Integrated Engineering tuning cable. Comes with everything needed to flash your car!
Asking $100 + shipping!


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Does this come with a tune? or is this just the cable and the tune is purchased separately?


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IE tunes are linked to the VIN of the vehicle and cannot be transfered.
So the powerlink is not tied to any specific car? I see online you can use it on up to 5 different VIN's?

I know my old Cobb Accessport had to be un-paired to be sold and re-used. Just wanting to make sure if this is the same concept.

I would buy my own tune and use this cable to flash it (should @sebastien reply saying he still has it for sale)

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The Powerlink is not tied to a car. It may be tied to an account on IE's side, but I am not sure that really matters if it is the case. When you purchase the tune it will ask for the PowerLink serial number to link it to. I know of people who have used other people's Powerlink to buy the tune and flash their car.

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I believe you can also disassociate a tune with a Powerlink as well if I recall. I think I did that with my last MK6 when I sold it and bought a tune for my new MK6.


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I think the cable VIN slots get consumed by tuning and you can use them all up. That said, how many VIN;s have been flashed with that cable? That will determine the fair market price.