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(Solved) (Video) Non-Metallic Shuddering Noise From Driver Side Wheel Well


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I've done my fair bit of searching, and nothing has come up that describes this noise. The noise occurs from a stop or slow roll at RPMs below 1k, though it seems like it's growing above 1k RPM. No noise during normal driving. Does anyone have any insight?

Video Link: GTI Wheel Well Shudder
(Video might still be processing, apologies)


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It's weird because it didn't start until I had changed my exhaust recently. I need to get back under it and look at the mounts.


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Downpipe is seated in the hanger, which is secured to the frame. Nothing there.
It could still be rubbing elsewhere even if you only changed the DP. I had to used head phones to listen to the audio, that's all I could come up with.


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Solved it! Turns out a screw holding the heat shield on my intake had come loose. I had a friend drive the car with me outside of it to listen for the sound coming from the wheel well. It was less audible outside the car, so I opened the hood on a hunch and had him do the same thing. The noise was a little more audible, but I couldn't localize it. After walking next to the car and placing my hand on various parts, I was able to find the loose screw. I may have been able to visually inspect it if it were earlier than 5:00pm in Seattle haha. Very happy that a weird noise didn't amount to something significant. Also a great lesson that vibration can transmit noise to areas of your car that aren't in close proximity. In this case, the very front of the car transmitting noise to what I perceived to be the driver's side wheel well.




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A happy ending! I love it when I can find the sources of those annoying sounds.