Some Free Goodies - Local Pickup Only - Morris County NJ area


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Hey guys, after trading in my Mk6 I have some things lying around the garage that I just need to get rid of. Here are some of them thus far. As I dig up more throughout the garage, I'll post them because I know I have more than what I'm currently listing...

Full Spare Tire (can't remember if ever used, it's like new)
Hood insulation (a tad dusty/dirty but can be cleaned up easily)
Pancake pipe (normal wear until I upgraded it, it's hard plastic, nothing at all wrong with it)
OEM floor mats (never used)
OEM diverter valve (used until I switched to GFB)
OEM intake system (need to look for it but it's in there. Normal wear until I upgraded it, nothing at all wrong with it)
OEM front grille (almost like new)
After market euro style badge less gloss black grille with a mark on it (can paint it any color to cover over mark)
OEM K03 that was "blown". When I say "blown", I don't know what exactly happened to it. It was only 33k miles from new before it stopped boosting. That's when I switched to K04. If you can fix it or might know what's wrong with it, it's yours... This one I may end up getting rid of next Saturday however by taking it to a metal recycle center near by.
OEM Hatch Shade Cover, one of the pegs broke so it would require a fix but otherwise it's in good condition...
OEM VW RCD 310 head unit. Should be in really good shape and fully functional. I had upgraded it at some point.

They are free to you as long as you are willing to come pick up.

While you're reading I might as well also say I have front cloth seats in tip top shape that came out of 4DR. Those are not free though. Looking for at least $200.00.
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