Soo stumped on which stage 2 clutch to go with for my MK6R, looking for insight


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My original clutch was defective and the pressure plate broke at 30k miles so I got an entire new clutch assembly from the dealer gratis. I'm almost at 90k miles now but I didn't get stage 1 tune until 45-50k and stage 2 at maybe 75k? so I've probably only got about 30k miles stg1 and 15k miles stg2.

It most certainly slips on hard launches 😂

Definitely on borrowed time
dang and I thought 9k miles on stock clutch with stage 2 was pushing it. I would start slipping at 4k rpm in 4th and 5th gear if I put it down. did just fine in lower gears

got a CM fx400 going in it now with SMFW. Im excited to see since theres not much literature on these I can find
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