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Speed meter with “!” Help


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Hi all I’m newest here!!
I have a problem with my mk6
TDI 1.6 year 2012
Sometimes I got this error:
Speed limits indicator with “!”
On board screen
And car can’t go speed high than 70 km/h
And when I stopped motor and power on
This error disappears!???



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Why is your glow plug light on? That’s what I’d be worried about.

Pretty sure the “!” is just for the cruise control. Are you trying to set cruise for 21 km/h? Don’t think it will let you at low speed.


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That’s the Check Engine Light. Is it flashing or always on? Flashing is worse - I’d quit driving the car if that’s the case.

Either way,, sounds like you have issues. You’ll need to take the car to a mechanic and have him check the computer for codes, or get a code reader and do it yourself.


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So, to recap, glow plug light comes on and car is limited to 70 km/h (limp mode.)

Turn car off and on again, car is fine for a bit then check engine light comes on solid.

I know nothing about the TDIs, but a quick google search brings up EGR issues as being common, and fits with your issues.

If the car keeps going into limp mode, you’re going to need to get it to a mechanic. If it seems to drive normally, I suppose you could ignore the check engine light and just keep driving it, but I see a mechanic in your future sooner or later.

First thing I’d do is find a way to get the codes read. Anything else is just guessing.