Spooky engine rattle


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Have a nasty noise coming from the engine today. Started after a pull in 3rd gear. Only starts at low or idle RPMS. and the engine did have a hard time getting up the driveway.
No CEL, not low on oil, fresh plugs and coils. Chain has had the updated tensioner since I got it. 125k miles. Wondering if anyone has heard a noise similar or has any inkling as to what it might be going into it. Thanks.



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That sounds kind of fucked. Can't say I've heard any noise like that from the usual suspects of problems. Is it throwing any codes? If nothing else is obvious might help to drop the oil pan and see if there's any evidence of damage.


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Yeah youre gonna need a new motor. That sounds like a broken rod or piston slap.

You prolly had an oil bockage or low oil that led to a rod bearing being chewed up.

+2 for drop the oil pan and check for metal
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