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Hi Everyone, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Name is Alex and I am the owner of Stratified Automotive. We have been involved with tuning direct injection engines (BMW, Ford Ecoboost, Mazda DISI) for close to a decade and have used the COBB Accessport as our data gathering and tune flash tool of choice.

We have developed other products as well such as auxiliary/port fuel system but without access to the OEM ECU we couldn't work with VWs or develop for them until now.

COBB has recently entered the VW market as you know and we are quickly coming up to speed on the EA888 engine and control system to offer the tuning services we are known for to this community.

We are not just about tuning - a big part of what we do is develop, learn, and then share with the community. We already have a couple of tech articles linked below to check out.

Looking forward to working with you all and also looking forward to getting feedback on what this platform needs and wants whether it be technical knowledge or parts developed. Any questions, please feel free to ask!


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We have lowered the price of the Accessport + Custom tune to $700 as an incentive for the first 25 customers and our custom tunes are discounted to $200 for the first 5 customers should you already have an AP:
Well it looks like the price went up $50? That sucks, I had been saving for the AP with Pro-tune since this deal was announced and now it's gone.

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