Stripped Rear Sway Bar Bolt


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Hi Everyone,

I ran into an issue where it seems the threads got out of wack with the bottom rear sway bar bolt.

It's possible the threads for where it screws into are also damaged. Looking for advice on best way to make sure everything goes back together, and if it's safe to drive without that bottom bolt in on that one side.

Much appreciated. Just my luck!


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I’d try to re-tap the hole and get a new bolt. It’s save to drive without it but it could stress the other bolts. Might rattle or make some weird sounds. I’d just remove it completely until I got the hole fixed.


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I’ll disconnect the endlinks and drive it easy. Retap the holes and get new hardware as mentioned. If you drive as is the sway bar bracket not fully attached might bend the bracket and possibly cause more headache with the stress on other bolts


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Thanks. I did the enevitable and tapped the hole and used a die on the bolt. M8x1.25


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If it makes you feel better, I tried to install my rear sway (after market) and I stripped a bolt in the process....had to take it to the shop with my tail between my legs...