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Strut/Shock upgrade - 2013 Golf R


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I'm currently running H&R Sport Springs on stock Golf R OEM shocks. Need better damping and rebound. Considering seriously upgrading to the Bilstein B8 Sport struts/shocks. Who has experience with this suspension that can provide a review? My car has 49k miles on it. I plan on installing myself. Have done it on other cars before.

Also, when I install the new struts/shocks, what else should I replace at the time? Strut mounts necessary?


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i had these on my mini cooper, but i got them revalved for autox when i got them, so can't really say much. i will say, the ride on my stok golf r is pretty firm. what use is the car for?


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Since it's a 2012 or 2013, 7 or 8 years old then, and the mounts are rubber....I'd do new strut mounts & definitely new strut bearings to go with your new suspension components (no weak links).
You can reuse your OEM bump stops & dust boots, front & rear. (though the Bilsteins have internal bump stops I believe)
And for the rears, new upper rear shock mounts.

I recommend Koni Sports, personally, which are adjustable. The Bilsteins will be on the stiffer side, but whatever YOU prefer.

Just make sure you have all of the tools for the install.

Parts, for example....these are the OEM parts, just without the VW part numbers, from the OEM suppliers and the prices are very reasonable...

Strut mount:
Strut bearing:
Shock mount: