Sudden Loss of Power cruising


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Anyone experience anything adverse when disabling ESC via VCDS?

Hey All. It's the first snow this year in MI and while driving yesterday and today I've felt two surges, not back to back. It's as if the car stopped accelerating. Not like fuel cut, that's more harsh, but somewhere near tapping the brakes. It occurred in 5th cruising around 45, and again in 4th getting up to speed, around 3k rpm.

While this isn't the first year in the snow with the 6R, it is the first time I've felt this. I initially assumed it was the traction control kicking in and that I'd hit some ice. However, this morning when it occurred twice again, the roads appeared to be heavily salted.

I Am running snow tires that are new enough to not be of concern (3rd winter on them).

The only thing I've changed recently is I added the ESC defeat via VCDS, using the broken instructions from APR. that's it. I can't image that would cause suboptimal behavior when just cruising.

I know the next step is to disable ASR and test again, which I have done, but it hasn't been icy or snowy again.

All service is up to date, car has 42 k miles. Haldex and cam follower serviced @ 34k miles
NO CEL, need to check for CODES i suppose


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Heavy salt could cause traction issue, like driving on gravel or thin layer of sand.

Were you in cruise control?

You did the coding to defeat ESC but did you have it turned off at the time?

Checking for codes is a good step for sure, just to see.


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sorry for no update

This was all the fault of a shitty VWR intake I had purchased used. The piece of :poop: leaked at the MAF, and even though I had a shop repair the connection, the moment I cleaned the MAF and replaced the intake with a Neuspeed intake the issue went away.