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Suggestions for a sealant?


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I currently wash my car and then "wax" it with NuFinish. It looks pretty good, and it lasts a long time, but it's a lot of work. I was going to get a buffer, but I got a great suggestion to switch to a spray sealant that can be applied to the car while it is still wet.

Chemical Guys V07 looks like a great option.

Any thoughts on Turtle Wax T-9 Wax and Dry?

Or Armorall Wax It Try Gel?

I'm looking for:
-easy to use
-good shine
-good price


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I tried Hydro-Silex Recharge for the first time last fall and its been amazing. Water still beads up pretty well on my car with only a handful of quick spray waxes over the winter. IMO, the shine was deeper than when I used to paste-wax it.

Simply spray on, wipe off, nothing else.


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Going to have to nerd out briefly here:

Waxes and sealants do NOT do anything for improving shine. Not the best, not the worst. Polishing makes the paint shine by finely 'sanding' down the clearcoat to get past small surface scratches caused by (usually improper) washing and drying methods that reduce the reflective properties of light on the paint. Don't believe me? Find a shitty car, with dull paint, apply some wax or sealant on a small area, and be amazed at the complete lack of difference in how it looks. Then, take some M-102 or other polish and see how even working it in rigorously by hand with a towel makes a huge difference.

Before or after or in lieu of polishing, however, sealants do improve the longevity of your paint by reducing harm caused by UV rays and acts as a barrier between the elements, improper washing methods and your paint.

Just saying don't fall for any of the gimmicks that promise shine, only go after quality products for their protective qualities - in which case, Chemguys V07 is a great choice for ease of use and overall protection. I use it as a drying aid.

Hydro-silex, like the guy above me, I also recommend. Both V-07 and hydrosilex have nice beading qualities, which I recommend for having less water 'stick' to the car, causing water spots. Makes washing and drying easier.

Finally, i use AMMO-NYC 'hydrate' as a drying aid very often, it works great AS a drying aid as well as adding a little more protection between washes and sealant application.

Hope it helps and happy detailing!