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Sunroof Shade "Handle" P/N?


Autocross Newbie
Hey all,

So yesterday, the "handle" part of my sunroof shade just ripped off while I was closing it. So either I hulked it off (doubtful), or the shop who did my headliner last year broke it when they removed it and their "fix" valiantly lasted this long. Every single one of the tabs on the forward side of this piece are broken off. I have an idea on how to shittily fix it, but first I decided to see how much a new piece would cost... except I can't find this thing anywhere! There's no P/N at all on this piece and I can't seem to find it anywhere using Google. Does anyone know either the P/N or the name of this piece? Maybe I'm just searching incorrect terms...



Go Kart Champion
This type of thing was never available separate when I worked for M.B. Didn't see it in parts diagram. Maybe try to find a used shade??


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I was hoping I didn't have to go that route. Newer VWs are so hard to come by in junkyards around my area.