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Looking into a strong summer set to finally feel this car as opposed to rocking the worn out all season stock wheels the car came with for about 3 1/2 years. Do we get any kind of discount on this site for being a member? :D

Secondly, I'm imaging Michelin Pilot Super Sports is an easy recommendation, how about the non-super? That big of a drop in performance or equally as good? Only because the price is a tad cheaper on those but if it's REALLY worth it to just spend the extra to truly feel a difference, I would do it.


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I tried to support golfmk6 but my tire dealer gave me a better price for my PSS's ordered and installed the same day! Maybe next time lol. Dem tire rack shipping prices doh!

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If anybody is on the fence about Tirerack, my advice is to USE THEM. I ordered some BBS SR's last Thursday at noon, and they arrived the very next day at like 9:30 AM. They actually call you to explain everything and how it will be done, and make sure that you're satisfied with everything. I've never had a company go to these lengths to ensure customer satisfaction before, and I'll definitely be using them again.

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