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Hi this is my GTI. It's a Candy White 2-Door manual 2010 Volkswagen GTI (18" Detroits, Dynaudio, sunroof, Interlagos, and Bi-Xenons). I got it Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned from the dealer. It came from Vienna, Virginia and now it's back home in Ohio. I'm planning on going with a OEM+ route. Here is my build thread.

Color Matched Side Markers Installed 10/26/12
Rear GTI Emblem Removed 12/06/12
Knock-Off ABT Grille Installed 02/27/13 Removed 10/14/13
LED City Lights Set 1 Installed 03/07/13 Removed 09/03/14
Black Rear Volkswagen Emblem Installed 03/08/13 Removed 03/01/14
Black Front Volkswagen Emblem Installed 03/09/13 Removed 03/01/14
Höen Xenon-Match Fog Lights Installed 03/12/13 Removed 02/27/16
Vanity Plates Installed 05/15/13
Ed's Cherry Red LED Taillights Installed 09/18/13
Vinyl Wrapped Rear Reflectors Installed 10/12/13
Paul Walker Sticker Installed 12/21/13 Removed 01/07/14
LED City Lights Set 2 Installed 01/30/14 Removed 01/30/14
Clear Matte Plasti-Dipped Chrome Emblems Installed 03/01/14
FormulaOne 30% Comfort Series Window Tint on Side and Rear Windows Installed 08/14/14
LED Rear Fog Light Bulb Installed 11/05/14 Removed 01/20/15
Gloss Black Mirror Caps Installed 03/17/15
Gloss Black Vinyl Wrapped Roof Installed 03/19/15
Red Trim Installed 06/05/15
Klii Candy White Full Circle Rear Badge Vinyl Installed 08/29/15
Putco LED Rear Turn Signals Installed 09/27/15 Removed 02/26/16
Stickers Installed 02/28/16
FormulaOne 50% Classic Series Window Tint on Windshield Installed 03/02/16
SW-VW Sunroof Sticker Installed 03/15/16 Removed 08/21/16
Mirror Puddle Lights Installed 05/18/16
"Roof Deck" Installed 03/24/16
deAutoKey White Rear Badge Insert Installed 03/08/13 Removed 03/08/14
deAutoKey LED License Plate Lights Installed 04/22/13
deAutoKey LED Reverse Light Installed 12/02/13
deAutoKey White Resin-Coated Rear Badge Insert Installed 03/08/14 Removed 08/29/15
deAutoKey LED City Lights Installed 09/03/14
deAutoKey LED Rear Fog Light Installed 01/20/15
deAutoKey LED Front Turn Signals Installed 07/06/15 Removed 03/25/16
deAutoKey LED Rear Turn Signals Installed 09/25/15 Removed 09/27/15
deAutoKey Updated LED Rear Turn Signals Installed 02/26/16
deAutoKey de360 LED Fog Lights Installed 02/27/16
deAutoKey Updated LED Front Turn Signals Installed 03/25/16
deAutoKey HID 6,500k Installed 04/06/16 Removed 06/05/16
deAutoKey HID 5,500k Installed 06/05/16
OEM Euro Blindspot Mirrors Installed 10/02/14
OEM DriverGear Base Carrier Bars Installed 03/29/13 Sold 01/16/14
OEM DriverGear Ski/Snowboard Rack Installed 04/09/13 Sold 01/16/14
OEM Euro Front Lip Installed 09/09/15 Flew Off On Highway 09/16/15
OEM Euro Front Lip #2 Installed 11/10/15
OEM Euro Underseat Drawers Installed 10/30/16
OEM Aluminim Glovebox Handle Installed 11/07/16

Red Incandescent Footwell Lights Installed 11/08/12 Removed 04/22/13
GTI Seat Wrenches Installed 12/17/12
Visor Airbag Stickers Removed 08/18/13
Klii Plaid Rear View Mirror Wrap Installed 10/16/13 Removed 10/16/13
32 Degree South Plaid Door Latch Covers Installed 06/30/14
Hatch Pop Mod Installed 08/16/14 Removed 09/06/14
JPM Coachworks Alcantara Shift Boot Installed 09/06/14
BadgeSkins Headunit Button Sticker Set Installed 01/11/15
Klii Plaid Steering Wheel Insert Installed 11/26/15
JPM Coachworks Alcantara Arm Rest Installed 12/13/15
WeatherTech TechShade for Windshield Installed 04/26/16
Broadway 270mm Convex Mirror Installed 07/23/16 Removed 08/30/16
Red Trim Moulding on Side Skirts Installed 09/29/16 Removed 12/22/16
DoubleApex USB Charger Installed 01/30/17
deAutoKey LED Interior Lights with Red Footwell Lights Installed 04/22/13
OEM Cargo Net Installed 10/22/12
OEM GTI MonsterMats (In the Winter months.) Installed 12/05/12
OEM European Headlight Switch With Auto Function Installed 02/05/13 Removed 09/16/13
OEM GTI MojoMats (In the Summer months.) Installed 05/31/13
OEM European Rear Cup Holder Installed 06/30/13
OEM European Headlight Switch Without Auto Function Installed 09/16/13
OEM Rear Parcel Tray Installed 11/13/13
OEM European Dash Cubby Installed 04/24/14
OEM Warning Triangle Installed 07/22/14
OEM Door Warning Lights Installed 07/26/14
OEM 35th Anniversary Edition Shift Knob Installed 09/06/14
OEM Pop-In Rear Hatch Window Shade Installed 03/22/16
OEM 9W7 Bluetooth Module Installed 12/26/16
OEM CarGo Mat and Blocks Installed 02/19/17
OEM Pop-In Rear Side Window Shades Installed 04/10/17

Forge DV Spacer Installed 05/03/13 Sold 08/15/14
VWvension Black Windshield Washer Fluid Cap Installed 07/12/13
APR Carbonio Stage 1 Intake Installed 07/16/13 Removed 04/25/17
APR Carbonio Stage 2 Intake Installed 07/16/13 Removed 04/25/17
Neuspeed Cat-Back Exhaust Installed 02/20/14
Neuspeed Torque Arm Insert Installed 12/02/14 Sold 02/13/16
Godspeed Catless Downpipe Installed 01/05/15
Vibrant J O2 Spacer Installed 01/05/15
White Plasti-Dipped Engine Cover Installed 02/28/15
BadgeSkins Black TSI Vinyl Installed 02/28/15
GFB DV+ Installed 06/04/15
Neuspeed Turbo Discharge Pipe Installed 01/06/16
034Motorsport Dogbone Mount Installed 02/13/16
Integrated Engineering Intake Installed 04/25/17
Revo Stage 2 ECU Tune Installed 05/11/15
OEM Noise Pipe Delete Installed 01/02/13
OEM Porsche 911 Oil Cap Installed 05/08/13
OEM Porsche 911 Coolant Cap Installed 05/08/13
OEM Audi R8 Coilpacks Installed 05/12/15

BMS Short Throw Clutch Stop Installed 05/15/14
Dieselgeek Sigma 6 Short Shifter Installed 08/25/14
SouthBend Stage 2 Endurance Clutch Kit Installed 04/03/16
APR Spherical Pendulum Mount Installed 04/27/16

Eibach Sportline Springs Installed 06/21/13
034Motorsport Rear Sway Bar Installed 08/03/16

Akebono Ceramic Pads Installed 10/13/15
StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Installed 04/03/16
Motul RBF 660 Brake Fluid Installed 04/03/16

Summer Wheels
OEM 18"×7.5" ET 51 Detroits
225/40/18 Kumho Ecsta Le Sport What It Came With 10/22/12 Replaced 07/17/15
225/40/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sports Installed 07/17/15
Raceland Spacers (10MM Front 15MM Rear) Installed 12/23/14

Winter Wheels
OEM 17"×7.5" ET45 5-Double Spoke A4 wheels on 215/50/17 General Altimax Arctic First Used 10/02/14

Ross-Tech Micro-Can VAG-COM Cable First Used 12/29/12
deAutoKey White Silicone Key Fob Cover Installed 01/02/13
Revo SPS First Used 03/26/16
OEM DriverGear Snow Brush Installed 04/01/13

When I got it. 10/22/12

How it sits now. 03/25/17
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That smokes my first car. A 1974 Toyota Corolla that I worked my backside off to save up $400 to purchase. (I miss that car.)

Congrats on the acquisition!

Are you some kind of photography wizard as well as a car enthusiast? Nice effects.


Ready to race!
Wow your a lucky kid.. Enjoy the car and be smart driving it..


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That smokes my first car. A 1974 Toyota Corolla that I worked my backside off to save up $400 to purchase. (I miss that car.)

Congrats on the acquisition!

Are you some kind of photography wizard as well as a car enthusiast? Nice effects.

I'm glad you like the photos! I like photography, but the editing was just some filters on Picasa LOL!


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Do you even have a drivers license yet?

you don't need one to sit in it and make vrooom vrooom noises. The real question is can he reach the pedals?


nice car

my first car was a 78 toyota corolla that never did run right, this was in 98 btw