The APR Fall Sale is at 034Motorsport - 50% Off Labor for 2.0T K04 Kit Installs!

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Ready to race!

034Motorsport is pleased to announce that the entire APR product line from ECU upgrades to Stage 3+ Turbocharger Systems, is on sale through November 3rd, 2013!

We are also offering 50% off labor for installation of all APR 2.0T K04 Kits purchased through 034Motorsport for the Volkswagen MkV/MkVI Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI/CC/Passat, Audi 8J/8P A3/TT, and Audi B7/B8 A4. :)

APR Hardware Sale:

APR Carbonio Carbon Fiber Intakes 10% Off!
APR Stage 3, 3+ and K04 Turbocharger Systems 10% Off Most Systems!
APR Exhausts Systems 10% Off!
APR Intercooler and CPS Systems 10% Off!
APR Bipipe 10% Off!
APR R1 Diverter Valve 10% Off!
APR FSI High-Pressure Fuel Pump 15% Off!

APR Software Sale:

A Fully Loaded ECU Includes Your Choice of 4 of the Following Programs:

Stock Mode :: Exact Original Mapping and Performance
91 Octane Performance
93 Octane Performance
100 Octane Performance
Valet Mode :: Limits RPMs and Power Output

Also Included:

Fault Code Erase :: Erases Fault ECU Fault Codes
Security Lockout :: Locks Advanced Functionality of Cruise Control, Password Protected
Anti-Theft :: Disables Throttle to Render Vehicle Inoperable, Password Protected

Please Note: Additional labor charges may apply for vehicles that require ECU removal for flashing.

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