The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread


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I don't get the pseudo part. Are you a consultant?
Like I'm an EA on an SAP program, so a pseudo SAP expert, but not really.

I'm on a temporary never-ending WFH order, so my dining room is now my office.


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Lookin like we're gonna pass Italy and China for total confirmed cases in about an hour or so. Not that I trust Chinas numbers.


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Seems like the "recovered" numbers are really low...
I have been watching China’s numbers since the start, and it takes a good while for the recovered numbers to climb, this is due to the time that must pass to say for sure they’re clear.


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Nice!! Dry rub? Sauce?

I scored a turkey yesterday. Going to smoke it this weekend and make a whole Thanksgiving spread.
Made a rub out of what I had in stock. Also picked up some Franks Buffalo. First time doing wings! I like doing turkeys also, couldn't even find one until yesterday. That sounds like a good plan.

What rig are you running?