The COVID19 SCAMdemic...All Season Tires, Climate Change, Scams On Top Of Scams - Crimes Against Humanity


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Oh my god i missed 100 total pages now. Lmao

Noone needs to care, but fuck have i been busy! Im currently the lead scheduler on 4 projects which costs total ~1.5 billion dollars, and the last two weeks been quite demanding of my time. Pretty much working from 6am to 11pm daily.

Fuckin' A Peter! Way to GO brother!


No idea, but probably a 3PK9. We got her after she ended up at another house that had kids and little yappy dogs - not a good mix. I think she initially was with a military family that gave her to the other family, so we call her our military rescue.

She's a happy camper now.


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Almost 1300 pages and not one person has changed their mind in this thread.


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I'm intentionally questioning the misinformation the media is shoving down our throats. I would argue it takes more bravery to do that than to go along with the 'narrative' as you are so quick to do. Trump never said anything about lizards, and I only mentioned it as comedy when somebody else brought it up in the thread. Pedophiles in government are real, absolutely.
So again, IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THIS, you're a traitor for not using your 2A rights to stop this tyranny.

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Dude I seriously dropped this thing out of a moving car when I was cashing it out. Not a scratch on it. 20 years, LOTS of memories
if you used it and have LOTS of memories you need to stop smoking ditch weed.


I've mentioned b4 I've been sober for quite a while. I did keep a gag gift of a ceramic pipe that you put the weed in Reagan's Ass and smoke out his head.