The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Closeted Potato Posts Vaccine Deaths - Villains Post Some Get Super Powers


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Ok. Googled several more times. More and more it states it started in Kansas. My bad
Nothing wrong with being skeptical. Just can't live in skepticism state of mind forever. Kinda how we got into this thread in the first place actually


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More Bernie memes




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In Bernies defense. Those air cooled bug motors are difficult as shit to put together unless you truly have a fuck ton of experience. There’s like 4 variations to the carb. The way the pins go in the head can be one of two designs too.

and they’re so old so there’s no telling how the last guy built it. No one has enough money to offer me, I’d never ever do this shit again. Also fuck the vw bus too. Same issues.

now if you want to be sane and drop an ej257 in there. Sure.


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Big question

who thinks China will assume liability. Apologize. Make things right somehow. Or some shit, I dunno

experts have traced the whole thing to China. Chinese doctors were blowing the whistle before the government could axe them.

or will China pull a zrick?

China are blaming everybody else, this was on one of our news channels last night, but China have ben stating it for awhile now..."not our fault", but then again that's what you get with a political set-up like these, nature is there to be conquered & they NEVER fail...

State media has recently suggested the pandemic might have begun outside of China - Spain, Italy or even the US - and have also carried claims that the virus has been entering the country through frozen food imports, though experts have cast doubt on this.

Wuhan lockdown: A year of China's fight against the Covid pandemic - BBC News


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Strange Mud

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Won't work. The factory tune in the US is far different from that in the EU
legit question...why not? I understand the EU/US tune difference but the other tune is different too. Maybe different equipment on car?

Strange Mud

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While we are talking cars, im picking this up the 29th. 63 Ford falcon,30k original miles. Factory ac only issue is has a I6 which will be swapped with a 289ci
something just like this would be way up on my list...if you don't mind how much was it? I hope to be getting something this/next year for fun

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