The COVID19 SCAMdemic...Gtifan Acts Like A Wiener, Ruins Thread - U2 Still The Worst Band Ever Next To Pearl Jam


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And on and on it goes where it stops nobody knows. Or when it stops is more appropriate. 3119 pages and we're pretty much at the point where it started. Zrick has created the perpetual thread.
New thread title:
Zrick breaks thermodynamics: creates a perpetual thread.


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I said it before, the thread will end when the fake pandemic ends. Which doesn't appear to be anytime soon.
Scamdemic onward! (c)


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You have to be a fuckin rube to think that heart attacks can be caused by a vaccine. There's actual physical evidence of what causes a heart attack, and it doesn't happen over the course of a week or even month.
Certain poisons induce a heart attack and leave no trace, makibg it look like a random heart attack.


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Certain poisons induce a heart attack and leave no trace, makibg it look like a random heart attack.
The blood curdling scream my GF gave tonight almost gave me one. I almost tipped the couch jumping up to get to the kitchen. It was a cockroach. I almost ate shit getting off the couch over a cockroach. We've been together for nearly ten years...I've never heard her scream like that before.o_Oo_O


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Unfortunately, those stats aren't accurate and, even if they were close, speak only to fatalities

There is no evidence that the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 has a lower fatality rate than the wild-type virus - Health Feedback

and not to illnesses. From the same article:

The existing data don’t allow us to conclude that the Delta variant has a lower CFR than the wild-type virus. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, explained in a PolitiFact fact-check that “All variants are going to have a lower case fatality rate, because a significant portion of the population, especially those at high risk for death, are fully or partially vaccinated”.

However, an increase in hospitalizations due to the Delta variant has been reported in the U.K., while in Scotland, the risk of hospitalization for the Delta variant was found to be twice as high as for the Alpha variant, which was the predominant variant in the U.K. previously[3], suggesting that the Delta variant could be more likely to cause serious illness.

The claim that the CFR of the Delta variant is 0.08% is misleading, as this value varies greatly depending on the age of the population and its vaccination status. To put this in context, according to the latest Public Health England report, the CFR for the Delta variant is 1.9% for people over 50 years old. The video published by Dan Bongino didn’t explain this, leaving viewers with the false impression that the Delta variant is less deadly than the wild-type virus.


What is obvious is that vaccination is your best route from preventing severe illness and death.

They are accurate, your own source says they're accurate. Their only contention is that the figure is misleading on the sole basis that it's the overall rate as opposed to a breakdown by age or vaccination status. So for those vaccinated .08 drops to .02 (or lower). For those over 50 it increases to 1.9. No shocker, risk always increases with age. Still, .08 is an accurate overall rate for those unvaccinated. But, that isn't scary enough so they have to editorialize.

Their hospitalization rate is 1.9 per 100,000, the majority of which being over 85 years old.

Which is inflated because 39% of those patients were in the hospital for reasons not related to Covid and just happened to test positive. I guess it's part of their routine to test all patients.


Those are the numbers and I'm sorry but I don't see how your source refutes any of that.


This makes sound scientific sense: Evolution favors variants that are more contagious — but also ones that are less deadly because killing the host reduces the chances for spread.


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If he does then it's even worse in this thread. That means it's not him.. it's y'all. Beating your head against a wall that you know won't crack day in and day out for 3121 pages... and you still aren't bored. Hey... some folks like watching the cars rust... to each his own.

(He doesn't mean it. You can tell from the title changes. He's a clown/comedian. Look at me!)
It isn't this serious.

If you take it seriously of course it will get boring. If you make it about data it will get boring. You don't even have to refute Rickety's arguments, that's the biggest waste of time.

"That which is presented without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence"

Escape Hatch

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Total whack-a-doodles but, like zricky, they have a following and spew enough crap that sometimes sounds plausible (until you check to see that the atributed quotes or data aren't there.

The danger - and we see this here - is that it causes doubt for people like Unreal1 who undoubtedly thinks "there has to be something to this" - not realizing that everything coming from these guys is absolute and total shit - and now very dangerous.

And yes, I'm livid because this has gone far beyond a joke at this point.
Haha, oh boy. You know I think it is rather arrogant to think anyone has that great of influence over another in a car forum to sway them to or from a personal health decision.
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Lookup the data...especially UK and Israel. They are not skewing it like the US. Data supports everything I've been saying, the vaccine is useless. Worse yet, it's counterproductive.

No it doesn't. The data you posted from Israel was from a picture of a spreadsheet and didn't match the source. You've been caught doing this several times.


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Just another day in the rickety household: