The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Let's Go Brandon Becomes #1 - But Sheep Still Sleep


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Just ignore that idiot. Makes the thread is more entertaining without the overt racist and bigotry.
You and your buddy consider Muslims brown (Nobel prize in biology goes to gretafan and corprin for discovering that religion determines one's race). Talk about being an idiot.


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You're determined to insult Jay aren't you? 😂
No, it's a joke carried over from another thread. I know you're used to this thread ruining every other thread in the forum, this is like the opposite of that. I'm ruining this thread with nonsense from another thread. Come on Jim, I even used emojis. Get with it.


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Hard to feel bad about smashing the Taliban to bits. They haven't exactly shown themselves to be the finest people on earth so...

Iraq is obviously a different story considering they never attacked us and we laid waste to what was actually a rather progressive country.

That being said I don't recall anyone except the Invisible man himself saying Muslim = brown. Understanding that his point is "you can't label others racist if you're just a different kind of racist" but that lesson isn't going to be heard from a person who can't get out of their own way with word usage.

No one listens to a jerk. 🤷‍♂️


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Iraq was the Bush family's personal crusade, and a travesty.

Google translate for Invisible Man: Gay libtard republican boyfriend one-percenters lie about WMDs to cultivate support from the clueless gay moron monkey jester populace to deploy boyfriend merc morons to test newest military technology by decimating 3rd world country.


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I'm not surprised you as a British citizen think a war alliance bombed some seemingly random country because the alliance felt bad for someone. I bet Tony Blair lied his ass off about Iraq because he wanted to help the Iraqis. :)

Regarding the topic of NATO bombing the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia because of what the F.R.Y. did in Kosovo....i.e. the ethnic cleansing & bloodshed of Albanians.

There are huge amounts of independent first had witnesses to the atrocities during this war committed by the F.R.Y. The facts are irrefutable in courts of law as has been proven in the decades since.

Iraq is well known as a total disaster as the British were then in Afghanistan wiping out the Taliban. Tony Blair was convinced by his best mate..George W Bush..the POTUS at the time, that is was a good idea to bomb Iraq because of 9/11....So we pulled out of Afghanistan & the Taliban grew in strength & caused problems later on..(now)

Tony Blair should have told G.W.Bush to GTFO....but the UK was still paying off the WWII debt (Marshall plan) to the USA at the time & we were still under the "special friendship"....