The COVID19 SCAMdemic... So Called Fact Checkers Reveal Vaccine Causes Brain Fog - Neurodegenerative Diseases


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Still think it's safe to go out maskless? 2 girls went out to a restaurant that just reopened, no mask. The restaurant forced them to share the same water cup because supplies were low 😡 now they're both testing positive for covid19.

Don't believe me? Look up 2 girls 1 cup for the full article.


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I do about 350/wk commuting. Yikes. Do you get wear&tear mileage compensation?
No I'm an independent contractor so I get paid by the delivery. All expenses are mine.
But I get the 58 cents per mile income tax deduction. That was almost a $30,000 deduction off the top last year.


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Fuck that. I’m a bar and pub kind of guy. With covid, that’s not a thing
So did I use to be. Covid is a tragedy. 500,000 lives lost in the US and countless people bankrupted and the homeless population has exploded.


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If the virus is so bad and we all need to be vaccinated why do they throw away vaccines when something comes up like broken freezers or someone not showing up for their appointment instead of just giving a shot to whoever wants one? I guess the options would be it's not really as bad as they say or imbeciles are running everything.