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I raced a hellcat charger once back when I was completely stock on that beautiful 200mi straight to Houston. I don’t think I even had time to make a single gear change before he let off and was 1/2mi up the road, they’re so stupidly fast it’s mind boggling. He could put busses on me at 25% throttle it seemed
This... raced a hellcat recently and felt like I was hanging on around 80. Once we got into triple digits it was like he was toying with me


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This... raced a hellcat recently and felt like I was hanging on around 80. Once we got into triple digits it was like he was toying with me
Lol a quick Google search made me confident that it was a hellcat. The supercharger whine gave it away. 700+ wow. Those things must be a riot, do they turn???


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They don't like to turn. I watched a track comparo of a Hellcat, Camaro and Mustang and the Hellcat was comical. It's the only true "muscle" car IMO. It's a bad mofo.


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Pulley's, headers, injectors, E85/meth and you're making ~1000. The blower inlet/tb is already big. They didn't leave much material left for porting.


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Well one shouldn't bite off more than one can chew. Cars like the Hellcat may weigh and handle like a battleship, but they are blessed with a VERY large engine that can embarrass most of our modified 2 liter GTIs. I respect their power-to-weight ratio. Now at 62 yrs of age, I still get great satisfaction from embarrassing all the other V8 drivers who initiate and fail in their attempt at racing me in my slightly modified grocery getting MK7. After all these years of competing, their face expression of surprise still puts a smile on mine. And for some cocky drivers, I can’t help asking them respectfully “you running a V6 right”. Pisses them off everytime.


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Left work and went for a drive. Came up behind a FR-S at a light. Loud exhaust lowered, looked really nice. Light turned green and it was a sweeping left turn. He gets on it so I follow and swing it wide into the right lane. I come around at the start of 3rd and walk him, but not as fast I thought I would. I’m a few cars ahead and I let off. We both come up to a Red light and I compliment him on his exhaust and said that his car was quicker then I thought it would be. He says thanks and says he has headers, high flow cat, exhaust and a tune. He compliments me and says that’s pretty quick. Yeah it’s Stage 2, and he says I figured it had something. I told him I’m saving up for a bigger turbo and he said he is saving up to add one. Light turns green and we both roll into it. We both get on it once we are into second gear and it’s a steady walk as I pull away. Gave him a thumbs up as he turned into WaWa. Nice guy and good looking FR-S.

If I was stock he would have probably had me.


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Came across a blacked out challenger 392. Had some fun with him but anything above 75-80 and he was gone lol. Really makes me wanna go BT :(


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A chick in a Chrysler 200. Did not expect that but I was surprised when I went passed and looked over 😆. Was definitely the V6. I walked her with ease in 5th but if I was stock wouldn’t have happened. 295HP @ 3500 pounds not too shabby for a family sedan. Fearless windshield banner, pink zebra accents inside and some vinyl graphics on the hood over the headlights.