Thought I'd share pictures of our Home Theater


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Finally got around to taking pictures of our setup. It's in a loft with very tall ceilings, lots of hard surfaces, and big windows... so acoustically it was a bit of a challenge... but that was all tamed with Acoustimac Suede acoustic panels and bass traps.

Pioneer KRP-600M (isf calibrated)
Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-Ray
Sony PS3
XBOX 360
Fanatec Racing Wheel
ATT U-verse DVR
Monster Power Conditioner
Logitech Harmony 890

Rotel RSX-1550
B&W 683 towers
B&W HTM61 center
B&W in ceiling surrounds
HSU Research VTF-12 MK2 sub

Pro-Ject RM-5.1SE Turntable

Acoustimac Suede acoustic panels and bass traps
Auralex Mopads under the center channel and Subdude under the sub



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omg........ :drool:
I would spend all day in that room if i were you haha
Nice job :thumbsup:


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Very nice! Now get a projector to compliment the setup. ;)

How's the Hsu sub? I was just on AVS today checking the shootouts :)

The bass-traps came out great.. Everything looks top notch. Offset some of those photographs from the wall for a built-in diffuser!

Have you tried the FRP calc?

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nicceeee, niceee


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Love the full, warm sound of vinyl.

Nice theater.


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currently in the start up phase of planning my theatre. I am quoting out the framing/insullation/drywall of our unfinished basement tommorow night.


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Thanks for all the comments everyone:)

Could've used that FRP calculator with placement of the panels, but the panels made a really nice difference in sound: more accurate/ solid bass, clear dialogue, less echo, the system works to its fullest with these and is well worth the money before thinking of getting a bigger amp to drive everything... or before getting an amp with fancy auto room eq stuff.

I'm finding myself listening to vinyl much more than the music on my AppleTV or CD... many new albums come out with MP3 downloads too, that warm, 3 dimensional sound is like a warm embrace... just sounds soo good:)