Threw up in my mouth a little today


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On the way home yesterday I was behind one of those Ford Mustang SUV's. It looks like an aborted Porsche Cayenne with a horse badge. Ugh.


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On the way home yesterday I was behind one of those Ford Mustang SUV's. It looks like an aborted Porsche Cayenne with a horse badge. Ugh.
You can't make fun of something when it's not even as ugly as the example. I hate SUV "coupes," they all must die. I was next to a GLE 63S "coupe" yesterday, what a waste of an engine. The X6/X4 are the ugliest things on wheels, but the Cayenne Coupe is worse than the Mach E.

And while I'm at it, the asshat that keeps putting square tips on Porsches needs to be slapped around with a giant bratwurst. And I know it's a thing, but oval tips on the R and RS Audis are nearly as bad. Round, people. Gasses flow through pipes, not boxes or whatever the f comes in an oval.


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i saw the new m4. what a fucking abomination of an M car that is. the sedan looks a bit better but that's not saying much.


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It's been too big for three generations now. The E46 was the last one that interested me. I regret not buying a 1M to replace the wife's 135i, but for some reason the M2 doesn't have nearly the same appeal to me.
100% agree. The M2 is ugly imo.


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It's pretty much a rule that "affordable" EVs must look retarded, it's a status symbol for those that like that sort of thing. Can't just slap a battery into a normal car, everyone HAS to know how smart and special they are just by looking. And since they hate cars the design reflects this. Look at the e-Golf......normal Golf....with batteries.....job done. And I heard it's getting canceled in the US? So we can get the EV that looks like a Golf and a Honda CRV and a Model 3 had, to paraphrase Wade from Deadpool.....hate f'd in an alley and this was the end result. And it's not VWs fault, it's the masses actually buying these abominations.

Look at the i8, gorgeous car......for $140k+. e-Tron GT? Even the e-Tron itself is fairly normal looking. There's no reason for EVs to be as ugly as they are stupid. It's on purpose, for status for people who know nothing about cars and could care less but need everyone to know.

Automotive virtue signalling.

My thing about it is I don't like textured plastic bits. The mk8 has a ton more of that compared to the mk6 and the huge honeycomb holes that are filled in with plastic looks terrible. It's not so bad on the mk6 by the fog lights because the hex holes are a lot smaller, and it's got that painted piece to help fill that area in, which also looks amazing when it's color matched to the car. I'm also not a big honeycomb fan in general.

Maybe if the honeycombs were slightly smaller and they were all completely open I wouldn't hate it so much. It could also really use a black radiator. Even though I'd like to see all the honeycombs be open it doesn't look good being able to see that much behind the bumper either. Almost like it's unfinished.
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