Thule 480R + AeroBlade roof racks!


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So I finally got around to buying roof racks for my car. I was pretty torn between the Whispbar and the Thule AeroBlade. In the end, I went with Thule because I liked the styling better, was really sold on their one-key lock system, and read good reviews about their Echelon fork-mount bike rack. The reviews on the bars themselves were a little hit-or-miss, with some people complaining about wind noise.

Overall, I'm thrilled. The installation was a little time consuming, because I've never installed a roof rack before, and the various products each came with their own manuals which cross-referenced each-other in a seemingly endless loop. This youtube video saved the day, though, and made it crystal clear what to do:

I have a small whistle I can hear only with the sunroof open at high speeds (>65mph) -- but I'm certain that's due to me cutting the top insert just a tad too short, leaving an open space on the channel. Should go away after I install the bike mount, adjusting the insert to fit.

Other than that, the bars look awesome and I recommend 'em highly!



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Nice. I installed my Whispbar just last weekend. Along with the Thule 594xt Sidearm. Looks great, works great.


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Look great man! I also decided to go with the 480R and Aeroblade combo. What bike attachment are you considering? Recently picked up the Side Arm 594XT.



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Look great man! I also decided to go with the 480R and Aeroblade combo. What bike attachment are you considering? Recently picked up the Side Arm 594XT.

Nice - I picked up the Thule Echelon with my carrier bars. Very sturdy, almost no wobble holding the bike at all (unlike my last bars, which were VW's on my '04 GTI VR6 -- felt like the bike wobbled quite a bit on those)



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I'd recommend the RockeyMounts roof racks. Awesome quality, quick installation/removal process, quick bike on/bike off process, bikes do not wobble and you can get them in a large variety of colors. I bought mine off of Amazon. I got the Euro Pitchforks, but should have just gone with the TieRods. Here's their website:

Products that fit our cars:
TieRods - best option because they can fit on any roof rack (
Euro PitchForks - only fit the slotted roof racks (

My car is outfitted with the red Euro PitchForks.


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Good choice! I love my aeroblades. I've already taken my car to Key West (3 hour drive) and got good gas milage and when the bikes arent on it, it's virtually silent! The only way I hear anything is if I turn off the radio. Rockymount pitchforks are great too!


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Hey guys, I just installed my 480R and Aerobars on my Golf R, I am wondering exactly how tight you guys made your 480Rs when you torqued it all down?? I am a numbers guy and have a hard time trusting that little plastic wrench thing. Do you happen to know a torque spec #? It seems like no matter how hard I turn that tool that Thule gives us, I can never quite get the green line to EXACTLY MATCH the grey outer line.

Also, do you rubber feet exactly sit on the roof surface? It seems there is a small gap on the inner side of the rubber feet where they are not quite touching the roof. I set everything exactly as per instructions.


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Now now, let's not hate. Some guys might like the bulkier look of OEM / Thule racks. Half the time people don't even notice I have a rack in pictures.


whispbar on the left, oem on the right.



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anyone use the rack for snowboards? looking to pick one up but im torn between a few options and havent really saw any reviews based on boarding